The Tiger EP

Our first official release, The Tiger EP, is mastered and off to the pressing facility! We will actually be receiving test prints of it today so it’s a pretty exciting day for JJL. We’ve finally replaced all of our live gear that was lost in the studio fire, rehearsing again, and damn…it feels good. It’s great to be back at it again and a HUGE thanks to each and every one of you that helped us get back on track so fast! We should have info soon on the free digital downloads for everybody who donated to the Indiegog campaign. Thanks for being so patient!

Stoked for you guys to hear these tunes!


We’d like to extend a very special thank you to Fountain PorterNOORD eetcafePhiladelphia Brewing Co. for an amazing night on Monday! Thanks to everybody that attended and to those that won raffle prizes, enjoy! We’re more than grateful and humbled by the support from all of you and it’s only a short matter of time now before we’re back on our feet. Much love to you all!

- Jay, Pete, and Brian

Fountain Porter, Noord, and PBC Present: The JJL Benefit

The support after the fire has been overwhelming and now the good folks from Fountain Porter, Noord, Philadelphia Brewing Company, along with various businesses and artists have put together a benefit and the details of which can be found here:

Philadelphia Magazine/Fooboz posted about it recently:

As well as Phawker and Philebrity:

Thanks again for all the support! You all have been tremendous and we are forever grateful.

-Jay, Pete, & Brian

Indiegogo Campaign


Here’s what happened…

Early morning on February 22nd, our studio/practice space of the last 12 years or more burned to the ground and nothing was salvaged.  We lost everything we’ve all worked on for our whole musical careers.  We’ve all been playing music since we were kids with multiple bands along the way (Turning Point, Godspeed, 1200, Lenola, Grand Fabric, Like A Fox and now JJL).  The list of gear that we lost is way too long to even list, but they include three guitars that burned, a ‘75 Les Paul Custom, an American Fender Strat (pictured above), and an American Deluxe Precision bass  that, combined, were worth thousands alone.  Three drum sets, multiple guitar/bass amps, and a huge effects pedal collection…. all gone.  Not to mention studio gear, our PA system, and tons of other personal items.  

JJL has been in the studio working on our first EP for the past year and we’re only a few sessions away from finally having the tracks done and ready to press.  So, to say this is a setback is a huge understatement.

From the first pictures shared on Facebook/Instagram that day, the overwhelming support and concern have made a horrible situation a little easier to swallow.  We’ve had some people ask where they can send donations to help us get back on our feet so we figured this would be the best way to get it started.

Unfortunately, every musician’s nightmare became a reality for us on February 22nd.

What we need…

We’re just looking to get the basic stuff any band needs to play live again.  The bare necessities for us to get going again include a drum kit, guitar/bass, and guitar/bass amps.  To replace everything would be near impossible at this point but if we can get enough to replace a guitar or two, we’d be very thankful.  Any money donated beyond that will be put towards finishing the recording and pressing the vinyl.  If we get that far, we’d be beyond grateful for every dollar donated.  Trust me, making music is all we know and asking for this help is very humbling to say the least.

What You Get…

The main perk for anybody donating will be the fact that you’re helping us get a small piece of our gear back and getting back to what we love and do best…making music!  If this fire never happened, we would never have dreamed of asking for any help to make music or finish a record but this situation is so complex that we’re left with only one choice and that’s asking our friends and fans for help.  Every penny will be more appreciated then you will ever know.

We will also post a free download to a couple songs from the EP for anyone donating one dollar or more and we’re still trying to figure out something cool for any large donations made.  Anything you can spare is a big help.

Also, please feel free to share this site with your friends.  Even that would be a big help for us!

Thanks for reading all of this and we can’t wait to get back to bringing the riffs to you guys!

Peace and Love,

- Jay, Pete and Brian

(Click the link above to help us out.)



As you all know by now, all of our gear and equipment was lost in a fire. We’re working on things to get back on our feet but it’s going to take some time. A benefit show and Indiegogo campaign is in the works and we’ll be posting about it soon. We’re in the midst of recording a record and we can’t wait for you all to hear these killer tunes. From here on out, we’re focused on the future and everything that it holds. A big thanks to all of you, you know who you are, that has offered support in anyway and who bought us a beer or two or several. THANKS!

Thanks For Your Support!

Hey guys, just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everybody that’s reached out and offered us everything from money donations to lending us gear and spaces to jam. I’m still in shock, but all your support has made the whole shitty deal much better. For real, thanks! If free beer and shots of whisky would bring our gear back I’d already be set! We’re def gonna be setting up some sort of benefit gig in the near future to help us try and get some new gear so we can keep on keeping on. Ill def keep everyone posted. You guys are the best!

- Jay Laughlin



JJL with Gondola and Shitty Wizard at The Boot and Saddle on January11th

Show Announcement!

Hey all, we’ll be playing a show for you January 11th at Boot and Saddle in South Philly. This is our first time here and this amazing new venue so come check it out and rock out with JJL, Gondola, and Shitty Wizard.

Tickets can be purchased here in advance: ⇢

The Tiger intro

Tonight at JBs with Brother JT and Photon Band!

Tonight at JBs with Brother JT and Photon Band!

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JJL is the new project from Philadelphia based singer/guitarist Jay Laughlin, best know for his work with his past bands Lenola and Like A Fox. JJL is a three piece band featuring Jay on vocals/guitar backed with the ex-Like A Fox rhythm section of Pete Girgenti on drums and Brian Wilkinson on bass. This is just another step forward in the long journey Jay has taken in his past bands where a foundation of rock-solid songwriting is married to Technicolor production resulting in satisfaction for the soul and brilliant sonic candy for the ears. The vocals float and soar while effected keyboards & buzzsaw guitars guide the songs along a happily disorienting ride, all above a massive sounding rhythm section. JJL is an adherence to song tradition while also sounding like it's being beamed back to you from the future, covered in beautiful static and gloss.

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